Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died today… Stephen Fry said of him “no one has had a greater impact on the world in terms of media and technology, in the last 30 years.” So what marked Steve Jobs as special? The co-founder of Apple had passion, vision and determination. He believed in the value of change. He believed … More Steve Jobs

David Cameron

Broken Britain Listening to David Cameron speaking at the Conservative party conference. Somethings puzzle me… How can Government recognise the problem so clearly… The break down of family life, and lack of respect for authority, and yet, not support marriage properly? Today, Cameron has made a commitment to support marriage through the tax system, and … More David Cameron

Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post. Here are some suggestions for your first post. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by … More Hello world!