Fawlty Towers

In Varanasi, the armpit of India, we stayed in a hotel that was in complete contrast to the city. Peaceful, welcoming and comfortable. It was a welcome oasis in the demonic mayhem of the city. “Thanks,” we said to Solomon, who had booked it for us. “What will the hotel in Agra be like?” we … More Fawlty Towers

God on a train

“Hi,” I said, “where are you going to?” “Lucknow,” the young man replied. Well, that answered 2 immediate questions: 1. He was on the train to the end of the line, with us, and 2. He spoke great english, with an american accent. The mix of spicy foods, smelly stations, dangerous car rides and the … More God on a train

All alone?

On Saturday morning, after the group had left for school, I got up and thought to myself “What am I doing here?” I felt fragile, losing sleep, adjusting to a rich curry diet, and felt totally spiritually inadequate to speak to the gathered OM team and Pastors on my own. I couldn’t swallow more than … More All alone?

A Taste of Raj

On Saturday Phil and the 2 intrepid couples from Challenge, got up early to take a Vocational Bible club at the local Good Shepherd school. Why did they leave me, I hear you ask? More of that in a later post… After leading devotions with the staff, the team went out to begin the programme… … More A Taste of Raj