The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11v25 (NLT) Summer is a season for harvest. In Hereford, I loved to see the fruit grow around the cider and perry county. Some time ago, at a men’s outreach event, we visited Weston’s Cider Mill and watched a seemingly endless supply … More Refresh

Mature in the Manure

Ever feel like you can’t get any lower? Things can’t possibly get worse – can they? And then they do. Life is like that sometimes. And sometimes (sometimes), it really is not your fault. You search your heart and wrack your brains… “was it something I said?” In all honesty, you can’t find a single … More Mature in the Manure


The V.E. Day celebrations are just another reminder of the past, and all the while the generations which lived through these conflicts are slowly but surely leaving us. The peace which came was won at great cost. The threats to that peace, often real, sometimes imagined, often force friends and allies to take entrenched and … More Reconciliation